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Thread: Full Hybrid to PHEV upgrade?

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    Full Hybrid to PHEV upgrade?

    Hello everyone. Long time no lurky.

    So the wife is very smitten with our Chevy Bolt and the money we are saving. Like $160/month in gas, roughly. She also desperately wants an RV trailer. We can't tow one of those with our Minivan, as much as it has served us so well as a road tripper with all the kids. We thought we had settled on an F-150 because of the rear legroom. But, somehow I stumbled on the 2009-2013 Silverado/Sierra Hybrids. So now it's F-what?

    As it is it's fine and will do the trick really well. She commutes here in town which it will spend 90% or more of its time, and the big 6.0L is more than enough for towing when we will do that. Buuut I'd like to convert it to a plug-in and add a second pack in the bed. The Payload is over 1300lbs, and towing is set at 6000lbs +/- 100lbs for 2X vs. 4X. So that leaves 700lbs of payload to play with after you subtract kids, gear, supplies, and bicycles. It has a 1.9kWhr MiMH pack in it. It has 2 60kW motors in the transmission, but the pack can only output 35kW, so that's all the boost it'll give. It only goes up to 30mph in EV mode. I'd like to get it over 45mph. I feel that if I can manage that she has a shot at a round trip to work and back on all-electric. Also, I want to put in a 32A level 2 charger. I could just put in a 16A, but my wife is a bus driver and is home for a couple of hours for lunch. That's enough time to top the pack off for sure with a more powerful charger.

    I have looked into making the motor more efficient, but this truck already gets the most fuel-efficient 6.0L Vortec GM made. So, I feel that's the wrong tree to bark up for better fuel mileage.

    I have scoured the internet and found no information on converting one of these GM's to a PHEV. And there's nothing up to date on converting full hybrids to plug-in either. It looks like that market never took off.

    Ideas, thoughts, links to forums or websites or people that could help, or finally talk me out of it? Before we get one I'd like to have a realistic idea of how much I'd need to spend. That usually kills my flights of fancy faster than anything.

    Lastly, the cool thing about this project idea is that the truck will do the job just fine while I build a pack in the garage. So honestly I could take my time.

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