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Thread: Newbie in the UK, possible EX500 conversion

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    Newbie in the UK, possible EX500 conversion

    Hi all I am new to the idea of converting a motorcycle and have no particular knowledge about the electrickery involved, but have dabbled with ebike s a little bit, i.e. converted a couple of bicycles using a kit and did some minor tweaking. I am in the UK and have a 1996 Kawasaki GPZ500S (identical to North American Ninja 500R) which I am pondering converting. I am encouraged by the high number of EX500 conversions that seem to have been done by others. Obviously I have tons of questions and equally obviously I will do some serious searching on the forum and elsewhere before asking too many daft newbie questions (starting with my question about maximum charging rate using public chargers, in the appropriate sub forumj.

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    True, lots to learn.
    Personally, I don't use a public charging station as the nearest one is at a mall about 25 miles away from my home. My bike has a range of 40 miles so its possible I suppose, but my charger is too big to mount on the bike itself, so I just charge in my garage. I really only use the bike to commute to and from work, about 5 miles round trip, and an occasional 30mile blast around town or running errands.
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