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Thread: Hello from Finland and a question about ABS

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    Hello from Finland and a question about ABS

    Hi folks actually been registered for a while but been away for a long time since my previous plans to build a homemade e-bike fell through. A couple bikes later here I am again with a question.

    Ok, now my current plan would be to e-convert a Yamaha GTS1000 because of it`s weird frame so I`d basically have a rolling chassis on which to build whatever I please, but the problem is the GTS has ABS brakes. Does anyone here know if the ABS system can be separated and made to work standalone`and what all parts I`d need to save from the bike? The ABS pump naturally but what makes it tick? Where is the brainbox that controls it, is it a separate unit or part of the ECU?

    Thanks for any tips on this!
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    According to this wiring diagram ABS is a separate unit 49. http://www.deltasign.de/moto/gts/GTS1000_SHALTPLAN.jpg

    Maybe you can reuse old wiring, but i think since ABS unig take kn signals from tachometer it can be challeging to make it work.


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