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    Ninja 250 project bike

    The time has come for my Ninja 250 conversion to go...

    It was a very fun build, with lots of input and support from the crowd here at El Moto. It was a blast to ride, but one afternoon one of the cells vented some of its goo, and lost some of its capacity. A job and career change left me focusing on other things, and I couldn't find a replacement for that model CALB cell. Eventually, with other things in the forefront, the pack dropped to 0 volts in storage, and it's been that way since. I've thrown around ideas from pulling the cells, and going with Leaf batteries or something similar, or stripping the whole thing down, and reusing some parts on a dual sport frame, which I'd enjoy more than the Ninja's riding position... but I've never quite gotten motivated to do that over other more interesting vehicle projects my wife and I have taken on like an MG Midget and Jeep YJ.components.jpgwhy_arc.jpgNinjaCALB40_4a.jpgbuild_cleanframe.jpg336144_10150573844748003_788744795_o.jpg241476_10150191639458003_4368007_o.jpg

    So, before tearing it down to part out, I thought I'd offer it up as a project bike. It's a modified Ninja 250 frame (side struts added to compensate for removal of the engine, which is a stressed member of the frame) that has a valid Florida title, Mars ME0709, Kelly KD72401, 24 SE40AHA currently reading 0 volts, Mini BMS, Cycle Analyst, TSL72-15 Charger from Elite Power Solutions (I believe mfg by Sky Energy), Vicor power converter for onboard 12v with manual kill switch to break the traction pack's circuit and decorative arc reactor in the gas tank.

    If interested, let me know.

    ElMoto Build Thread: https://elmoto.net/showthread.php?t=123
    Specs, photos and other info: http://mediaconspiracy.com/sensei/specs.shtml

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