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Thread: A Real Noob from CT

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    A Real Noob from CT

    Hi all,

    I'm located in central CT. I'm super new to the moto world, been focused on the human powered cycles for the last 15 years or so. I'm just now getting into motos and right away I've caught the bug for a DIY conversion of a 1970s CB-styled moto. I'm not crazy about cafe racers or anything, just like that style from when I was a kid in the late 80s. I'm trying to convince my co-worker to go first with his cruiser EV conversion project this winter so we can make all the mistakes on his ride. We will be leaning on our other coworker who has a full moto machine shop in his garage and builds bikes on the side.

    I'm in the research mode right now and looking for a bit of guidance. I started off a bit grandiose - 75MPH top speed with 100 miles of range. Looking at what RFNDZC did with his CB350, those specs just don't seem like a plausible target. So I'm adjusting to a torque-y 55 MPH and range of 65-70miles (still a bit of a long shot it seems). I'm taking my queues from Theseus EV on YouTube, and the RGNT (among many others on EVAlbums). It looks like I'll want something like a 72V system with a 10-15KW continuous motor w/ 20-30KW peak. Trying to stay in the $3K project cost ballpark. Any suggestions are welcomed.

    Here are some of my starting questions:
    - How should I think about a CB350 vs. CB450 vs. CB750?
    I get in the "real world" these are pretty different, but in the "EV world" is it just a matter of volume for battery placement?
    Is there a weight penalty that I should consider here, or do added batteries make up for it, all else being equal (system voltage, battery types, etc.)?
    I assume just go for what fits me, fits the budget and is in good enough shape, but wanted to double-check the logic
    - I'm spying a low-cost CB450 but I noticed it has the single downtube rather than the "cradle", does this frame type make motor and battery mounting more difficult? I'm a noob after all, this is difficult enough for me.
    - Has anyone put a level 2 J1772 charger plug in? I had leased a VW eGolf a few years back (what a car!) and I like the speed of the Level 2 charging so I can keep the ride going!
    I'm trying to figure out how to do that with a moto vs. the conventional 110 plug I'm seeing a lot of. There are tons of level 2 chargers around CT now and Clipper Creek has the converter for the J1772-to-110 outlets that I could either use at home or keep in a pack.
    - I was assuming a mid-drive motor, as I've never ridden anything with a hub motor before. The mid-drive reduces battery space, but keep the original aesthetic more intact. I assume "unsprung weight" isn't a huge deal at these speeds, but commentary welcomed.
    - Lots of references to Leaf batteries on the forum. Initial research shows these are same price ballpark as LiFePo4 batteries - maybe 10-15% difference. Seems like the LiFePo4 batteries can take more abuse but there is a weight penalty.
    Do Leaf cells really degrade quickly? Some videos were referencing needing to replace Lithium Ion packs in 3 years vs. 10-15 for a LiFePo4 pack, is that real or just a sales pitch?

    I'm going to keep lingering around these threads and hope to get that winter project off the ground. With a little experience under my belt I will be in a better place to tackle all this imagineering I'm doing.

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    Hello Jeff! (I am a old Ct person)
    The bigger the better, More room for batteries. Find something with a fried ICE motor.
    My work has been with NON hub motors. Done 120 mph with one.
    I use Chevy Volt batteries. Lots of power and distance.

    PM Sent!

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