Here is the latest news from Zero that was contained in their email to me today:


We’re the company that defined the electric motorcycle category, and we’re pushing the bar higher than we ever have before with three massive new stories beginning with a pair of all-new Z-Force batteries.

ZF14.4+ kWh & ZF15.6+ kWh
Packing more energy into the same footprint wasn’t enough for us, so we decided to go even bigger than that. The all-new 14.4+ kWh and 15.6+ kWh batteries not only pack more energy than before, they also have the ability to grow their capacity as your needs as a rider change, as well.

Zero Motorcycles’ proprietary operating system gets an update to the all-new Cypher III+ which enables owners to customize their rides at the touch of a button. Performance and feature upgrades are all available on-demand through the Cypher Store.

Bringing these groundbreaking technologies together into a completely new model is the 2022 SR, the world’s most adaptable motorcycle. Customize everything from battery capacity, charge time, features, on-screen turn-by-turn navigation, and so much more all at your fingertips.

The new ZF 14.4+ kWh batteries come stock on all Standard trim SR/F and SR/S whereas the Premium trims receive more base range thanks to the 15.6+ kWh Power Pack. Plus, maxing out the Cypher Store upgrades on these bikes and pairing them with the option Power Tank accessory (available Spring 2022) gets the highest on-board battery capacity Zero's ever had with nearly 21 kWh of energy!

Zero is the only company in the world that can bring motorcycles that truly grow with their owners, and these 2022 models are only available from your local Zero Dealer!