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Thread: Not Elmoto, but battery knowledge and experience needed

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    Not Elmoto, but battery knowledge and experience needed

    Hello all! I still, after all these years I still don't have an Elmoto project in the works. I have my old '86 500 Interceptor I am trying to get running in my spare time, but it's still ICE. But now I have this other project. Since we love our Bolt, when we went to sell our minivan and buy a truck or SUV to tow our new to us camper. We got a 2012 Escalade Hybrid. It does the job nicely. But both of us would be happier if she could drive it to work and back, which is 7 miles one way, on just battery power. There are MANY hurdles to making this happen. But Step one is to gut an old battery pack and put in new lithium cells. I want to go LFP for the safety factor. And she doesn't need to be doing burnouts don't he way to school in the morning (she's a teacher). at 3.2V nominal, I need 90 cells. I found this particular 32A cell https://a.aliexpress.com/_mPjf6lc.

    I am pretty confident that I can lay them flat 2 deep and 8 across. Add 4 more layers of 16 cells, and the a 6th layer with just 10. 12mm higher than stock, but 9.216kWhrs! Up from the 1.9kWhrs the stock pack has. Here's the stock size: 290mm X 20mm X 120mm. And there were 40 of them.

    I did all this math late at night. Am I missing something? Have I lost the plot? What pitfalls do I need to know about when taking on a project like this? What companies should I get the cells from? I want quality cells as the battery pack sits under the middle bench seats.

    Any help double checking my math, or vendor recommendations, or details I can't possibly see know this early on. Anything like that would be huge. A better forum to go on and ask.

    Thank you guys for your help!


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    I'm definitely no battery expert! Maybe some of the diy ev car sites can be helpful...
    Here's a forum I've checked out that someone maybe able to help answer some of your q's:
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