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Thread: Suzuki GSXR400 conversion to QS hub motor, advice please

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    Suzuki GSXR400 conversion to QS hub motor, advice please

    I have a Suzuki GSXR400 sports bike and really want to convert to battery powered. My tiny bit of research has found a 15000w QS hub motor on an 17 x 4.5 inch alloy wheel which should be perfect for the job. I've just emailed QS for more info and advice and am awaiting their reply.
    It says it will be most reliable at 96V on their spec sheet, and I'm hoping for 100+mph and 100+ miles range.
    So any advice at all from you guys on anything at all for this conversion will be gratefully received.
    Good or bad motor choice, what controller, what battery choice etc?
    I am an electrician/mechanic so building this is no problem at all for me, also not too restricted on funds.

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    Welcome and have fun building.
    Personally, I'd be a bit nervous going 100mph with a hub motor, but I've never built with a hub motor so I'm just biased.
    The wheel will be heavy and you may feel that at speed. But for commuting it will probably be fine, leaving lots of room for batteries in the normal engine compartment.
    We like pics so please share as you advance !!
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